CoWorking in Oslo

Ready to get out of your basement? Find a coworking space that suits you and your business.

Why choosing a coworking space rather than your own office? Well, they are reasonably priced, probably cooler than any office your starup could afford and they are full of entrepreneurs in the same circumstances than you. Coworking involves a shared working environment and although you will be working independently, you will probably get some support for the development of your company.

In Oslo we can find 7 co-working spaces: Gründergarasjen, Y3o, Bitraf, 657 Oslo, Startup Lab, GründernesHus and Mesh. We visited 5 of them on Friday, here you have some of the info and pictures that we took during our tour.

Gründergarasjen was founded by Simula in an attempt to boost innovation in Norway. Startup Summer is hosted here and as you can see there are many facilities to your disposal. The startups that are here are normally IT related, but that is not a must. There is not a monthly rate and since it is so faaaaar away (IT Fornebu) they even pay your bus card.

As you can see in these pictures they have a really cool open space and also some shared areas where you can play billiard or ping-pong with some of the researchers or other entrepreneurs that work there. And you can get as much coffee as you can handle!



This coworking space is right in the middle of Oslo. You can get a space 24/7 for 2250 NOK/month but they offer many different combinations so you can choose the option that suits you best. There is also the possibility to have lunch there, which I have to recommend because they make some really awesome pizzas.